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GLOCK Drying System GGD


Fuel drying as a stand-alone system or in addition to the GLOCK combined heat and power plants

Drying is adjusted individually to order and includes the production of ventilation ducts with heavy-duty gratings as well as dryers with heat exchangers and air inlet via roofs and boiler houses.

The drying of wood chips creates a high quality fuel. Of course, the drying can also be used for other input materials (e.g. hay, etc.).


Drying with heat exchanger and air inlet via roof and boiler house

Wood chip drying systems:

  • Increases heating value
  • Increases quality
  • No microbial decomposition
  • No potential spontaneous combustion
  • No mould growth
  • Reduces weight
  • Improves suitability for storage

Ventilation ducts with heavy-duty gratings